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Oriental design   Modern impression
Ivan Goncharov said, Beauty is the purpose of art and driving force. While the impetus of Bauhinia is to create the best household circumstances and to be the advocate for the oriental and modern art.  
The art of wallpaper was born in France and came out of Jean- Michel Papillon. It had been popular for some time in Britain in the eighteenth century. At that time, the British invested heavily to order the wallpaper to decorate their house. And nowadays the wallpaper has been their daily necessities. While wallpaper has been associated with China for a long time which dating back to 200BC, Chinese decorated their house with rich paper during the time. And now the wallpaper art will come to China again with the leadership of the Bauhinia.
In order to help the Chinese obtain the best wallpaper, The Bauhinia have visited many countries, such as Britain, United States, France and other famous countries to learn the multilayer wallpaper art. Soon the experienced designers have mastered the trend and plan to create the modern art which meet the demands of Chinese aesthetics.
Bauhinia always adheres to the product innovation and development. We join the international top enterprises and art institute of wallpaper in striving to create the best wallpaper for Chinese people and to realize the three enterprise ideas, that is, the guide of wallpaper art, consumers¡¯ health first, and humanized service. It has introduced the advanced equipment and technology so as to create the environmental production wallpaper. What¡¯s more, we offer the full service from product choice, room match, field measurement, delivery and construction to after-sales service for customers to eliminate worry.
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